Chamfer - Made to Match or Custom Design

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Our made to match chamfer is the option we have available for a renovation or extension to an existing property. Please complete all required detail below and one of our team will be in contact with you regarding your request.
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Our made to match chamfer is the option we have available for an existing commercial building or residential property.

Ensure your renovation or extension is seamless with our made to match chamfers.  To ensure we provide you with the correct pricing for your requirements, please follow the below instructions to measure your existing chamfer board.

1.  Measure the cover of the chamfer board (the length (in mm) of the board from top of board to the rebate at the bottom of board)

2.  Measure the total height of 10 boards on the existing building. 

3. Enter in the two measurements in the design comments box above calling the first measurement 'cover' and second measurement '10 boards measurement'.

If you have your own design for a chamfer board, we can also machine to your own unique design, all we will require is a drawing and measurements - please complete the contact us page and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you.